Congratulations to our top 5 winners!

Early Bird Prize #1: T. Matthews of Green Valley, Arizona – 7 Nights in Norway plus $50,000 cash
Early Bird Prize #2: S. Erickson of Tucson, Arizona – 6 Nights in Prague, Vienna and Budapest plus $50,000 cash
Grand Prize #1: $750,000 CASH – L Hannappel Tucson, Arizona
Grand Prize #2: $150,000 CASH – D Hart Tucson, Arizona
50/50 Jackpot Winner: S. Gamez of Tucson, Arizona – $556,780 CASH

To see if you’re a winner of any of the remaining prizes, enter your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your primary phone number (the phone number you provided when purchasing your ticket). All tickets purchased using this name and phone number will be included in the search.

If you win a prize, you will receive a letter in the mail explaining how to claim your prize. 



Alternatively, you may search using your main raffle ticket confirmation number for the final prize drawing. *50/50 confirmation numbers are specific to the 50/50 draw, which is a separate drawing and should not be used here. There is only one winner of the 50/50 prize, listed above on this page.

*Main raffle ticket confirmation number only. Do not use your 50/50 confirmation number here.