What is the 50/50 Jackpot

The 50/50 Add-On Jackpot is another way to win big in the TMC Mega Raffle! With the winner taking 1/2 the cash, the 50/50 Jackpot will be the second biggest prize in this year’s raffle. Add on your 50/50 tickets at the same time as you purchase your regular Mega Raffle tickets.

Last year’s jackpot reached more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS — with the winner receiving half.  How high will this year’s go?  Watch the Jackpot grow at the top of the TMC Mega Raffle web page.

50/50 Add-On Jackpot ticket prices:
One ticket for $10
Five tickets for $25
Fifteen tickets for $50

Note: 50/50 tickets must be purchased in conjunction with regular TMC Mega Raffle tickets. The 50/50 Drawing will be held immediately after the Final Drawing.