Final Draw Winners’ Stories – 2016

There were over 2,400 prizes awarded in the final drawing including two grand prizes, 12 cars, 14 vacations and more. Some of our big winners shared their story with us.






Jim Eldridge is the 2016 Grand Prize #2 winner! He recently retired to Tucson after spending his career as a Physician Assistant in Colorado Springs. Upon learning about the TMC Mega Raffle from a friend, he decided to enter as a way to give to the hospital and bought a 3-pack. “Working as a PA I have empathy for what it takes to run a hospital and wanted to provide my support,” explained Mr. Eldridge. “I never even win at Bingo, so this is incredible! I recently bought a house that I am fixing up, so this will help with expenses.”




J. George said that winning the 50/50 Jackpot will change his life. Mr. George now plans to formally retire and set up a studio where he can enjoy one of his favorite pastimes, creating ceramic pottery. Mr. George and his wife have lived in Tucson for decades and bought tickets to support TMC. “I didn’t believe it when I got the call, my wife and I still don’t believe it.” Mr. George will be celebrating a birthday in the coming week and will definitely be celebrating. He also wants to use some of his winnings to help others.





Joe and Mary Solis entered the raffle this year for the first time. After hearing about it the last couple of years, they decided this was their year. Joe and Mary were right! They won the 2016 GMC! “My Mother had cancer and spent two months at TMC, where she received outstanding care. We’ve never won anything like this. I really think my mother had a hand in all this.”






Tammy Jewell, another first time buyer and now the winner of the 2016 Ford Explorer. “We talked about getting a raffle ticket last year, but waited until it was too late.”  This year thanks to Tammy’s husband reminding her, she entered in time. Residents of Tucson for more than 30 years, she said TMC is an organization they want to support. Recently retired from working for the local school district, Tammy and her husband, Lee are looking forward to taking their new car on a road trip this summer. She promises to send photos!






Cheryl Leeper was another first time buyer with beginners luck. Cheryl heard about the raffle but this year after receiving the brochure in the mail and seeing commercials decided to enter. “We wanted to do something to support the community and we had friends that bought tickets previously and won a smaller prize. We never imagined we’d win a car!” Cheryl and her husband won a 2016 Toyota Camry LE plus cash.





Colleen Schrant began working part-time at TMC when she was 19. She knew she wanted to work as a nurse and continue with TMC working her way through school, eventually earning her Bachelors and Masters. Colleen is now a nurse practitioner for a physicians’ group that contracts with TMC, but most recently, Colleen became a patient at the hospital. While pregnant with her first child, it was discovered that there was a tumor on her pituitary gland. She is now going through treatments and hopes to return to work this summer. The outpouring of support from TMC and the tremendous care she’s received inspired Colleen to enter this year’s raffle. Now as Colleen continues to regain her health, she looks forward to enjoying her prize – a trip for two to Kauai!