Final Draw Prize Winners’ Stories – 2024

Final Draw Winners Share Joy and Gratitude

L. Hannappel – Grand Prize #1 $750,000 winner

Mr. Hannapel entered the TMC Mega Raffle for the third time and it was his lucky year. When Kathy called to let him know he was this year’s grand prize winner, he was in shock and thought it might be a trick. But his wife Karen recognized Kathy’s voice from TV. The Hannapel’s have lived in Tucson since 1994 and have received care at TMC. He said he entered the TMC Mega Raffle because he likes that it supports the hospital. The retired couple are booked to take a cruise later this year and said that they will use part of their $750,000 to pay off their home, enjoy their vacation and save some for later.


D. Hart – Grand Prize #2 $150,000 winner

Mr. Hart and his wife are serving in the military and enter the TMC Mega Raffle every year. When he encouraged his friends on base to enter, one of them said, “No one ever wins that.” After calling his wife with the news that they won the $150,000 prize, his next call was to his friend. The Harts are now thinking about what they may want to do with their winnings. “The news is still sinking in, but we will probably pay off some debt and take a family vacation.” Mr. Hart also shared that he’s taken his daughter to TMC for care and found the staff was always helpful and friendly. “It’s been our hospital of choice, and we will definitely be entering the TMC Mega Raffle again next year!”


T. Matthews – Early Bird #1 winner – 7-night vacation in Norway for two plus $50,000

Ms. Matthews was at work when she got the call from Kathy and learned she won a luxury vacation to Norway and $50,000 cash. She immediately shared the news with her coworkers. The Green Valley resident is now looking forward to an amazing vacation.


S. Erickson – Early Bird #2 – 6 nights in Prague, Vienna and Budapest for two plus $50,000

Mr. Erickson said he enters the TMC Mega Raffle every year to help support TMC and it’s the first time he’s won a prize. He’s been treated at TMC on more than one occasion by his cardiologist and he is extremely grateful for the care he’s received. He said, “TMC is my preferred hospital.”


S. Gamez – 50/50 Jackpot winner – $556,780

Mr. Gamez was in shock when he learned he won the 50/50 Jackpot winner and would be splitting $1,113,560 with TMC. It was the second year he entered the TMC Mega Raffle and his first time to win. He heard about the raffle from the ads and had a friend that won the grand prize house – so he decided to enter. He knew it was for a good cause and believes if you can help, you should. Mr. Gamez plans to use some of his winnings to help his kids with college, take a vacation and put some of the money towards his retirement.


M. Ochoa – 2024 Lexus NX350h plus $18,000

Ms. Ochoa and her husband enter the TMC Mega Raffle every year. This year her husband kept reminding me to enter. He knew tickets were selling fast and was afraid they would sell out. Ms. Ochoa is very glad she listened to him. When she got the call and heard she had won a 2024 Lexus NX350h plus $18,000 she was driving. “I was so excited. I was just trying not to get in an accident!”  Ms. Ochoa says she always feel good about supporting TMC. “One year we won a cast iron pan and it felt good – but this feels really good,” she said.


C. Kenngott – 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss plus $13,500

Ms. Kenngott works as a nurse in Bisbee and has entered the TMC Mega Raffle for the last six years to support healthcare. When she got the call and learned she won the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss, she said she almost had a heart attack. What made it even more surreal is she was looking at the brochure with all the prizes and said if she had to pick – she’d love to win the truck! This July Ms. Kenngott will be retiring in July, and she is now dreaming about taking a road trip.


K. Clark – 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend plus $11,500

Ms. Clark said she almost missed the call but was glad she didn’t when she heard she won a new Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend and $11,500 cash. It had been a couple years since she’d entered the TMC Mega Raffle. When she got her tax refund this year, she decided to enter and is very glad she did. One of their cars is dying, so this news couldn’t have come at a better time.  She is now planning on giving her son her old car and she looks forward to driving her new one.


A. Steiner – 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross LE plus $10,500

Ms. Steiner, a Tucson native, has entered the TMC Mega Raffle for years. She loves the chance of winning the prize and knowing it invests back into the community. When she learned she won the 2024 Toyota Corolla she started screaming. She had just hung up from a call from her mechanic telling her what it was going to cost to fix her car and the bill was outrageous. “My daughters had been urging me to get the car fixed or get a new car. I could not believe it when I heard I won one of the cars!”

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