Final Draw Prize Winners’ Stories – 2023

Final Draw Winners Share Joy and Gratitude

Grand Prize #1 Winner – $650,000 – E. Edwards

Mr. Edwards said he enters the TMC Mega Raffle every year, but this is the first time he’s ever won. He likes to play the lottery and enters the raffle because it is going to a good cause. He is a longtime resident of Sierra Vista, retired from the military and civil service. He said he was still in shock at getting the news, but it was starting to sink in. He is now thinking he will pay off his home with the winnings of $650,000 and do something special. He also says he will definitely continue to support TMC!


Grand Prize #2 Winner – $150,000 – Y. Moreno

Ms. Moreno grew up in Tucson and started entering the TMC Mega Raffle five years ago in honor of her Dad, who entered every year before moving out of state. She never expected to win, and was thrilled to get the news. She called her Dad right away and said he was over the moon. Her next call was to her husband, who was in disbelief. She and her husband are going to be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this year and hoped to take a trip to Italy. Now they can start planning.


50/50 Jackpot Winner – Half of $1,003,885 – R. Powers

Mr. Powers could not believe it when he got the call and heard that he’d won this year’s jackpot of $501,942! He’s lived in Tucson for more than 30 years. All his grandchildren were born at TMC and his wife was cared for at TMC when she passed. He likes entering the raffle annually and won a few smaller prizes previously, but this was beyond his expectations.


2023 Ford Bronco Sport winner – C. Williams

Ms. Williams enters the TMC Mega Raffle every year to support the hospital. “I never win, but this year I had a feeling and told my sister-n-law, I am going to win a car.” To top it off, the car she would have picked was the Bronco! Ms. Williams shared that she lived near the hospital for many years and had a great affection for it and all it does for the community. “It is one of the great treasures of Tucson,” she said.


$52,000 winner – R. Garcia

This is the second year that Mr. Garcia of Sierra Vista has participated in the TMC Mega Raffle and it’s the first time ever for him to win anything. He heard about the TMC Mega Raffle from a co-worker. Mr. Garcia’s grandson had surgery at TMC and the retired fire captain and paramedic spent years transporting people to TMC. When he shared the news with his wife, she was very excited. They are now thinking about buying a new car and taking a vacation. Mr. Garcia now wants to encourage others to enter “Take a chance, Tucson Medical Center is a good cause!”


$25,000 winner – K. McKelvy

Ms. McKelvy and her Mom have participated in the TMC Raffle every year. She was so excited to get the call learning she won a $25,000 cash prize. Ms. McKelvy is a retired nurse that lives near Benson. She spent twenty years caring for others at TMC, and many of those years as a hospice nurse at Peppi’s House. She says she is proud to be a part of TMC. Her Mom is 98 years young and has been a patient at TMC where her daughter says she received great care. When she shared the news of her win, her Mom was thrilled and said, “That’s what we get for being loyal to TMC.” Mom and daughter will do something special to celebrate and may plan a trip to San Diego.