Final Draw Prize Winners’ Stories – 2022

Final Draw Winners Share Joy and Gratitude

Grand Prize #1 Winner – $650,000 – T. Scott

Scottsdale resident and longtime TMC Mega Raffle participant, T. Scott, could not believe the news that he was this year’s Grand Prize winner of $650,000. The news of winning came on the eve of Mr. Scott’s 77th birthday – giving him even more reason to celebrate. “I’ve never won before, but I buy tickets every year because it’s worthwhile to support the hospital.“ Mr. Scott has owned and operated his own business – Classic Delivery & Moving – for more than 20 years and was looking at selling the business to retire. Now with his winnings, he can seriously begin planning for his retirement and spending time with his wife of 52 years. “Winning the grand prize is a game changer,” he added.




Grand Prize #2 Winner – $150,000 – M. Carnahan

Mr. Carnahan has lived in Tucson since the 1980’s and recently retired from his career with the postal service. He’s been delivering TMC Mega Raffle brochures on his route for 10 years and he and his co-workers have been entering for several years. “My co-workers have won prizes, but I’ve never won before,” he explains.  Retiring at the end of 2021, he almost didn’t enter – but when he received one of the emails about the upcoming deadline – he bought a 3-pack and is now very glad he did. Mr. Carnahan is this year’s Grand Prize #2 winner of $150,000.  He plans to enjoy his winnings and travel with his wife while also supporting a few of the charities that are near and dear to their hearts.




50/50 Jackpot Winner – Half of $964,075 – J. Perrine

Mr. Perrine was elated to learn he is this year’s 50/50 Jackpot winner, which hit a record-breaking $964,075. Mr. Perrine will receive half, and half will go directly to the Tucson Medical Center Foundation. He said he’s entered for the last 7 years and one year he won an air fryer, which his wife loves. “I typically buy a lot of tickets and this year my wife questioned me. I told her I was going to win and this year it paid off!” He was hoping for one of the cars. Now he plans to use his prize money to make some updates to his home, get his wife a new car, and take a nice trip.