Final Draw Prize Winners’ Stories – 2020

Grand Prize #1 Winner – Jesus Diaz

Our 2020 Grand Prize #1 winner of the furnished A.F. Sterling Home or $625,000 cash is Jesus Diaz of Sierra Vista, AZ. He entered the TMC Mega Raffle for the first time ever and only purchased one lucky ticket! Jesus and his wife saw a commercial on TV and received a brochure in the mail, which got them thinking. The couple are parents to two boys, and they are expecting a daughter in April. Jesus works as a Systems Engineer and his wife is currently focused on her job as Mom. When the Sierra Vista couple realized they were going to be giving birth to their daughter at TMC, it inspired them to enter. “If you don’t play, you can’t win and we thought it would be nice to support the hospital, whether we won something or not.” The Diaz’s are still weighing if they will choose the house or the cash, as they are still trying to let the news sink in.


Grand Prize #2 Winner – Travis Tufts

Travis is the lucky winner of Grand Prize #2, the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace plus cash or $150,000 cash option. Travis entered for the first time, but now plans to enter every year. He was literally in shock when he got the call!  Travis and his wife grew up and attended high school in Tucson. His wife began working at TMC last year, which inspired Travis to want to support the hospital. She was at work when he got the news, so he was unable to reach her but was excited to talk with her to let her know about their big win.





50/50 Jackpot Winner – Elizabeth Herget

Elizabeth and her husband, George, were beyond thrilled to learn they were the 2020 winners of the 50/50 Jackpot totaling $894,575, making their winnings more than $447,000. The Herget’s enter the TMC Mega Raffle every year, but never won a prize, until now. Elizabeth said, “There are so many wonderful prizes, we liked the odds and TMC is our #1 hospital for care.” This year George asked his wife if they should enter again since they’ve never won anything. Elizabeth told him they should do it. Now George says he will always buy tickets and everyone else should, too. “It’s a good cause that supports the community.” George works as a financial advisor, so the two are considering how they might use their winnings. The one thing Elizabeth says she wants to do right away is get a new cell phone and smart TV. “We are living in trying times right now and feel extremely blessed. This really helps and will allow us to help some of our family members in need.”