Early Bird Prize Winners’ Stories – 2020

Early Bird Prize #1 Winner – Cecilia Oviedo

Cecilia Oviedo shed tears of joy when she got the call from Kathy and learned she was one of the Early Bird prize winners. Earlier this year she was in a car accident and while she was okay, her car was totaled, and she was unable to replace it. Cecilia told her sister, “God will send me something better.” Cecilia’s prayers were answered. Cecilia won the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 300, a vacation for two to the Italian Coast and $18,000 in cash. She remembers seeing a news story on one of the winners a few years ago, which inspired her to enter the following year. This is the third year she’s participated in the TMC Mega Raffle. She loves that you can win great prizes and that the Raffle benefits TMC.


Early Bird Prize #2 Winner – Bettina Aguilar

“Tina” Aguilar was born at TMC in 1971. When she heard she’d won the Early Bird prize package valued at $71,000, that included a 2020 Mercedes Benz GLA, cruise for two through France and $16,500 cash, she was more than thrilled. Tina has participated in the Mega Raffle for the last few years but this was the first time she’d won a prize. “I’d always heard great things about the raffle and I thought if I enter, I might get lucky and if not it is nice to know it will help TMC.” Tina was very excited to share the news with her husband and the rest of their family.