Early Bird Prize Winners’ Stories – 2019

Early Bird Prize #1 Winner – Jerome Ledahl

Jerome and his girlfriend of 20 years, Tracy, were thrilled to learn they were the winners of Early Bird prize #1, the 2019 Lexus ES, the vacation to the Maldives, plus $18,000 cash. The retired couple spends half the year in Tucson and the other half living in Alaska and they are firm believers in paying it forward. Jerome recently went to TMC to visit a neighbor who was there getting a procedure. He came home with a TMC Mega Raffle brochure with plans  to enter. When Tracy saw that the tickets were almost sold out, she quickly purchased, and she was very glad she did. “Only fifteen minutes later our neighbor tried to buy tickets and it was already sold-out!” Tracy said that winning is a real blessing. “I always try to do what I can to help others in life and find that the good is always returned in some way.”

Early Bird Prize #2 Winner – Saul Flores

Saul is a 24 year-old student studying accounting and working for a flooring and painting company and he is this year’s Early Bird #2 winner of the 2019 Lexus RX and Polynesian Paradise Adventure for two, plus $18,000. He purchased a ticket this year for the first time when he learned about the TMC Mega Raffle from his girlfriend who volunteers in the NICU at TMC on weekends. When he got the call and heard he’d won, he was shocked. “I was just in Las Vegas and didn’t win anything. This is really mind blowing.”