Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2023


This year’s Appreciation Winners have entered the TMC Mega Raffle in previous years and many of them have previously won prizes. Here are heartfelt stories from our top four winners in 2023:


R. Revells – Winner of $50,000

Mr. and Mrs. Revell said they are flying high at the news they are this year’s $50,000 Appreciation winners. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” the retired couple said. They enter the TMC Mega Raffle every year because the hospital is a part of their family story. Mr. Revell remembers when it was just a few buildings and it largely served patients with asthma. Their aunt had respiratory issues and received treatment there. All three of their girls were born at TMC and Mr. Revell had triple bypass surgery not too long ago. One year they won a Dyson vacuum, and they were thrilled. “I use that vacuum everyday and think of TMC,” Mrs. Revells shared. She went on to say that TMC is such a strong legacy and part of the Southern Arizona community. If someone is looking to give back and support a cause, TMC is high on the list. The couple is enjoying their good news and has not yet thought about what they want to do with their winnings. “We are just thrilled.”


O. Miranda – Winner of $10,000

Mr. Miranda and his wife have been entering the TMC Mega Raffle since it started. This year they were both grateful to learn they were one of the $10,000 Appreciation winners. They have both had several surgeries at TMC and their doctors are all associated with the hospital. “We are very so pleased with the care we’ve received at TMC and want to show our gratitude.,” he shared. They travel 230 miles each way to go to appointments with their doctors. With their winnings, they are thinking about purchasing a new car to use to go see their doctors.


H. Sarabia – Winner of $10,000

When Mr. Sarabia and his girlfriend moved from Pennsylvania to Tucson for school and work ten years ago, they heard about the TMC Mega Raffle on the radio and decided to enter. They’ve been entering every year since. This year Mr. Sarabia received an unexpected surprise when he got a call learning he’d won $10,000 cash. The family now includes three children – all born at TMC. The newest member of the family was just born six weeks ago!


A. Tripoloni – Winner of $10,000

When Mr. Tripoloni learned he was one of this year’s $10,000 Appreciation winners he said that the call couldn’t have come at a better time. He was scheduled for a consultation with a doctor the next day about getting a pacemaker and had been worried about not being able to work during his recovery. “This is such a relief to all my worries and stress about being off work!” When he called and told his wife the news she was in tears. Mr. Tripoloni and his wife enter the TMC Mega Raffle every year. “I first started entering because it’s a way I can help people and you never know when it might be you.”