Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2022


This year’s Appreciation Winners have entered the TMC Mega Raffle in previous years and many of them have previously won prizes. Here are heartfelt stories from our top three winners in 2022:


W. Yosin – Winner of $50,000

Mr. Yosin was excited and surprised to learn he is our lucky $50,000 appreciation winner. He’s a Southern Arizona native that was born at TMC and has been participating in the TMC Mega Raffle for 5 or six years. This is not the first time he’s won a prize – noting he’s previously won some smaller prizes. “The prizes are cool, and the odds are good – and if I don’t win that’s okay too – it’s for a good cause.” He’s not sure what he’s going to do with his winnings yet – possibly help his mom with some things for her home or invest in some property for himself.


S. Stevenson – Winner of $10,000

Mr. Stevenson and his wife have participated in the raffle every year since its inception. Late last year his wife passed away. When he received an email about this year’s TMC Mega Raffle, he wasn’t going to enter, but then he thought about his wife and decided to keep the tradition and support the hospital. “We have always entered for a reason. It’s not about winning, it’s to help our community, but if you play you just might get a nice surprise.” Mr. Stevenson is a Tucson native that retired two years ago to spend time with his wife. He’s now planning to use his $10,000 prize to help some of his family members.


A. Jordan – Winner of $10,000

Ms. Jordan said her Dad won a trip to Monaco the first year of the TMC Mega Raffle and she’s been purchasing tickets every year since. The news that she was one of our $10,000 appreciation winners couldn’t have come at a better time. She and her husband are expecting their first child in June. She said the prize will relieve stress and help cover some medical bills. She also plans to treat herself to a maternity photoshoot and possibly put some money towards a babymoon.


R. Carr – Winner of $10,000

Mr. Carr was shocked and excited to get Kathy’s call and learn he was one of the $10,000 appreciation winners. Carr has entered the TMC Mega Raffle a few times over the years. He thought it has been such a tough year for healthcare workers, and he wanted to give back and show support. His kids were born at TMC and he has a daughter in nursing school. He is also getting married in late February and thought it would be nice if they won something. He and his fiancé are thrilled to have the money to help pay for some of the wedding and take a nice honeymoon later this year.