Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2020

A few of our Appreciation Winners had exciting stories to share about plans for their winnings and their connection to TMC. Congratulations to all!

Thomas Perschke – Winner of $50,000

Thomas is a retired film editor that moved to Tucson five years ago. He learned about the TMC Mega Raffle on TV and has entered the last four years. This year he was surprised and excited to get the news that he was the $50,000 cash prize winner in the Appreciation draw. “I’ve never won anything like this and never thought I would, but entering the raffle to me is a no brainer. TMC provides such good service, and the prize opportunity offers such a great value – it’s just a win-win situation for all.” Thomas has no big plans for his winnings – he said he might use some for potential house repairs, help with some living expenses and stash some away to buy a few more tickets.


Matthew Smith – Winner of $25,000

Matthew and his wife Anna purchase tickets every year to help support TMC. Anna works as a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICA) and last year they gave birth to twins at TMC. The twins were born early and received care in the NICU for two months. The Smiths have experienced firsthand how the TMC Mega Raffle dollars helps enhance patient care. Learning they were the $25,000 winners was very exciting. With all that they know, they believe in paying it forward and want to donate some of their prize to help others and put some in an account for their kids. “The TMC Mega Raffle is a great cause that benefits families at TMC – we know.”


Donald Pender – Winner of $10,000

Donald is a paramedic that has brought sick children into TMC and over the years he’s seen the growth and the incredible care the hospital provides. That is what inspired him to buy tickets over the years. His wife works at the VA hospital and they both feel good participating knowing it is supporting a good cause. While the news is still sinking in, Mr. Pender said, “The $10,000 prize will help pay some bills and they need a new computer.” He’d also like to donate some to charity.


Richard Bechtold – Winner of $5,000

Richard is one of the $5,000 Appreciation winners and a big fan of TMC. He was especially pleased to hear the news, as he just got word the day before that his roof repairs were going to cost $5,000!  Semi-retired from a career running non-profits, he and his wife dedicate their lives to helping others. “TMC has always been my hospital and the doctors there have taken good care of me. Whatever I can do to support TMC, I will do.”