Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2018

A few of our Appreciation winners had exciting stories to share about plans for their winnings and their connection to TMC. Congratulations to all!

G. Roberts – Winner of $50,000

Mr. Roberts and his wife are longtime residents in Oro Valley that participate in the TMC Mega Raffle annually, to honor their granddaughter who was born with medical issues and benefited from the care she has received. “We see the good work the hospital does and want to help support it.” This was the first time they’d won a prize and they were stunned to learn they were the big Appreciation draw winners of the $50,000 cash prize!

James Fischer – Winner of $25,000

James has entered the TMC Mega Raffle every year because he thought the odds and prizes were a great opportunity and he said even if he didn’t win he liked knowing he was helping a good cause. Another first-time winner, James and his wife are this year’s $25,000 cash prize winners. Thrilled to learn he won, he said, “I’ve never won anything big, this is incredible. We need to get a new car this year –  so this is really nice.”



Teresa Rochester – Winner of $10,000

Teresa is a contract employee that has worked with TMC for two-years and has entered the TMC Mega Raffle for the past three years. “I work with almost every unit in the hospital and see the amazing work they do, the staff is superior and if I am ever sick, this where I would want to be to receive care.” She is now thinking about planning a special vacation with her fiancé with her $10,000 prize and buying lunch for her co-workers to celebrate.


Alan Carsten – Winner of $5,000

Alan is a winter visitor that comes to Tucson annually to visit his daughter and grandchildren. He knows about the TMC Mega Raffle from his daughter, Stacie who works at TMC and he has participated every year. “I have entered since the beginning, it is such a good cause and a great opportunity to support the hospital.” Excited to learn he was one of the $5000 cash prize winners he said he is looking forward to doing something special with his kids and grandkids to celebrate and spend more time traveling in his RV to see the country.