Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2017


Below are stories from from a few of our 2017 Appreciation Drawing Winners. Congratulations to all!


$50,000 Winner – Michael Annett

Mr. Annett of Tucson was surprised to learn he was the first big winner in the 2017 TMC Mega Raffle.  He said he and his wife have entered the Raffle every year because they felt it was such a good cause and prizes looked attractive. While they had never won a prize in previous years, they felt good entering. As the $50,000 winner in the appreciation draw, he and Mrs. Annett, who have grown children and grandchildren, are thinking about what they will do with their winnings.


$25,000 Winner – Barbara Tujo

Barbara said she has entered the TMC Mega Raffle for several years to support the local hospital and, until now, she never won a prize. This year she was thrilled when she learned she won the $25,000 prize and immediately called her sister to share the news. The two are now thinking about taking a vacation with part of her winnings.


$5,000 Winner – Mirna Huerta

Mirna enters the TMC Mega Raffle every year to help the kids at TMC. She is now retired but worked for 20 years with the Department of Economic Security and for three of those years her office was at TMC Children’s.  She and her husband, Richard were very excited to learn the news that they won $5000. This was the first time they’d won a prize.


$5,000 Winner – Kim Wall

Kim said that her prayers were answered when she got the call that she won $5,000. She is an RN and currently studying for her Master’s in Nursing. Her car recently broke down and tuition for school is expensive, so this is really going to help Kim and her family.  This was the second time she entered the TMC Mega Raffle and last year she won a spa gift card. She was glad to break even, but even if she didn’t win, she was happy to support TMC. She said her first job was at TMC 23 years ago and her first child was born there, so it’s a special place to Kim and her husband.