Appreciation Winners’ Stories – 2016

A few of our Appreciation winners had exciting stories to share about plans for their winnings and their connection to TMC. Congratulations to all!

$50,000 winner – First-time winner, Robin Ritter made his first call to his wife when he learned he won $50,000 in the Appreciation Draw. Robin, now semi-retired, has lived in Tucson since 1970 and said he’s purchased tickets every year because he wanted to support the wonderful work they do at TMC. “It’s an excellent institution. I have multiple friends that have received care at TMC and it is like no other hospital around. They not only treat each patient with care and concern, they treat the whole family.” As the news of the winnings was sinking in, Robin said he was thinking he’d pay some bills and then use some of his winning to help pay for some much needed repairs at church.

$25,000 winner – Dianne Robertson of Sierra Vista, said she buys a ticket for the TMC Mega Raffle every year. “My parents were cared for at TMC, it’s our hospital of choice.” In the late 70s she and her husband worked at TMC in separate departments, but then moved back to the east coast where they lived for more than 30 years before returning to the Tucson area in 2001 to be near family. “We always love TMC and thought it was a nice way to show our support, it really wasn’t about the winning, but this is nice!” Dianne and her husband recently retired and with her $25,000 winnings she is looking forward to traveling a little and paying off some bills.

image1Abbi Cabeen, was one of four lucky Green Valley residents to win the Winner’s Choice Getaway. Abbi and her husband have four children and both are on active duty in the air force. Abbi said when they heard the ad for the TMC Mega Raffle on the radio three years ago she immediately decided to she wanted to support the hospital because of the care she received at TMC and the experience friends had when their child was cared for at TMC Children’s. “We felt so much love and support, we thought why not give back where we can, we know TMC will.”