Extraordinary hearing management options for a lifetime of better hearing

Tucson Medical Center is proud to be starting a cochlear implant program for pediatric and adult patients.

A cochlear implant is a surgically placed device that can help a person with severe hearing loss sense sounds and have access to speech signals when a hearing aid is not beneficial.

Cochlear implants are different from hearing aids. While hearing aids make sounds louder, cochlear implants actually stimulate the auditory nerve directly, allowing people to hear more than they might with a hearing aid.

Your generous support of the TMC Mega Raffle helps support this exciting new program, positively impacting the lives of children and adults with hearing loss.

Giving people with hearing loss access to speech and spoken language

This life-changing service can give children who are deaf a sense of sound, making it possible for them to acquire speech and spoken language.

Adults who have moderate to profound hearing loss and poor speech understanding may benefit from cochlear implants by helping them better understand conversation, thus allowing them to participate more fully and improve their quality of life.

“We are very excited to start offering cochlear implants at TMC,” said TMC audiologist, Karla Navarro. “While cochlear implants do not restore the normal function of the ear, they can help people understand speech, recognize sounds in their environment and enjoy a world of sound.”

Your support matters

Thanks to the support of the community, TMC is able to offer this and other services to help improve the lives of children and adults across Southern Arizona. Your participation in the TMC Mega Raffle can directly impact the lives of those around you.