TMC Mega Raffle funding high-tech neonatal ultrasound machines

As each baby comes into the world, TMC is prepared for the unexpected with a highly-trained staff and advanced diagnostic equipment to identify and treat health problems as soon as possible.

That’s particularly important for issues affecting a newborn’s developing brain. “Blood contacting the brain, even for a short period, can have lasting and permanent effects on the child’s development and quality of life,” said TMC Ultrasound and Vascular Lab Manager Sarah Yeager. “It must be identified and treated quickly.”

Funding support

TMC Mega Raffle is funding high-tech ultrasound machines and software specifically designed with the infant brain in mind. The equipment creates high-resolution images of the infant brain, allowing pediatric radiologists to identify brain abnormalities including subtle areas of bleeding.

How it works

The technology involves a sophisticated transducer, the main part of an ultrasound machine that emits soundwaves. “The soundwaves bounce off of body fluids and tissues,” Yeager said. “An echo bounces back to the transducer, which produces images based on those echoes.”

Yeager also said the cutting edge equipment works hand-in-hand with leading software. “The specialized software is just as important as the advanced transducer – it’s what really allows us to display better quality images.”

The right staff for the right equipment

According to the experts in the field, the high-tech equipment and software are vital but require experienced staff to obtain the images.

“Having high quality images is important but equally important is having well-trained ultrasound technologists, which ultimately leads to an accurate interpretation,” said Dr. Miriam Emerson, one of TMC’s pediatric radiologists. “Here at TMC, we are extremely fortunate to have a team of incredibly talented and skilled sonographers who help obtain images that hold so much critical information.

“The technicality of what actually goes into getting these images of these tiny, premature day-old babies is truly impressive.” Emerson said. “Staff must compete with numerous lines and tubes surrounding the tiny infant in order to visualize the different parts of the brain. There is no way I could do my job without them.”

Sincere dedication

For TMC and the ultrasound technologists, the job is more than something they put on at 8 and take off at 5. “I admire not only their skill and expertise but also their pride in their work and dedication in doing everything in their power to get the very best images.

“I am proud to be a part of an organization that values children and their well-being and does everything in its power for the benefit of the pediatric community,” Dr. Emerson added. “There is no question that this technology provides significant benefit.”

Join our effort

When you purchase a Mega Raffle ticket, you can have confidence that proceeds are making a difference in the care that is available to your fellow community members.

“This is about a lot more than the latest and greatest,” says Michael Duran, TMC vice president and chief development officer. “It’s about providing exceptional care and making it accessible to the communities we serve – this system can prevent life-long illness and improve lives.”