TMC Mega Raffle enhancing comfort for hospice patients


TMC Mega Raffle funds have brought enhanced beds to Peppi’s House, Tucson Medical Center’s inpatient hospice program, ensuring the best in safety and comfort for patients.

“Safety, compassion and care are always priorities at TMC,” said Kimberly Fore, RN, the director of patient care services at Peppi’s House. “In hospice care, we recognize the great importance of patient comfort and we’re thankful the Mega Raffle helped us provide the best.”

The staff helped explain that there is more than meets the eye to the new additions. “These aren’t just any beds,” said Dave Anderson, a hospice nurse at Peppi’s. “The special features and functions of these beds help us do our job, keep the patients safe and most importantly, they are comfortable.

The new beds have a wide range of elevation adjustment at the foot and head of the bed – providing better comfort for patients experiencing vascular or respiratory challenges, which are common for hospice patients.

An additional comfort feature helps with skin and pain issues. “Each new bed has an air pump built into the mattress,” explained Rebecca Harkins, a second-generation hospice nurse. “Patients can adjust the air flow to provide support where it is needed.”

And just when you thought these beds couldn’t do more – the special design can address significant mobility issues. “They are called high-low beds,” said TMC Hospice Nurse J.A. “We can lower the bed to mere inches off the floor, making it comfortable, easy and safe for patients that are having a tougher time getting around.”

J.A. was quick to note another advantage. “At this stage, patients want their family with them – and that means their pets too.” The ability to lower the bed makes it easy for furry family members to hop on the bed with the patient. “It really makes a difference for folks to have their pets at their side,” J.A. said with a broad smile.

Although the beds are packed with features, they are light and easily moved – a key factor for immobile patients wanting to enjoy the hummingbirds on Peppi’s scenic patios, appreciate live harp music or receive other therapeutic services.

“Mega Raffle contributions can help make great care even better,” said Michael Duran, TMC vice president and director of development. “These beds are providing a high level of comfort to community members when they need it most.”