TMC Mega Raffle advancing cardiac care and patient experience


Cardiac care starts with an echo

It all begins with an echocardiogram – a diagnostic ultrasound that is used to identify abnormalities of the heart. Mega Raffle sales have provided the next generation of 3-D and 4-D imaging to allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis.

“The imaging system has additional advantages that enhance care,” said. Dr. Travis Warner, an anesthesiologist with Old Pueblo Anesthesia who frequently performs echocardiograms at TMC.

“Advances in this technology enable targeted heart-valve repair in the operating room and guidance for minimally-invasive heart procedures outside of the operating room. The work we do helping patients at TMC would be impossible without this state-of-the-art equipment.”

Critical care when and where it is needed

In any hospital setting, respiratory and heart-related emergencies can arise suddenly and require vital treatment immediately. ECMO or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is a heart-lung bypass, keeping blood flowing and delivering oxygen to the bloodstream – allowing the heart and lungs to recover while needed treatments are performed.

Technology advances quickly and when acquiring new ECMO equipment required investment, the cardiovascular center reached out to the TMC Foundation.

“The new ECMO unit is portable and efficient, providing life-saving intervention and ensuring an additional safety-net for patients after complex surgery,” explained Dr. Kushagra Katariya, a cardio-thoracic surgeon who operates at TMC.

Enhancing community access to quality care

“The generosity of Mega Raffle donors touches lives every day,” said Anita Bach, the TMC cardiovascular service line administrator.

Mega Raffle funds support a comprehensive cardiac surgery booklet and DVD for heart surgery patients. From preparation and directions to aftercare and medication lists, the complete booklet and presentation answer many questions to inform and bring comfort to patients.

Special pediatric-heart testing was made possible by procuring a dedicated echocardiogram machine for TMC for Children, making the critical equipment immediately available to children and infants, expediting care assessment and delivery.

“We are honored to support the TMC CardioVascular Center,” said Michael Duran, TMC vice president and chief development officer. “Mega Raffle resources ensure the expert clinical staff at TMC has the tools and technology to save lives and strengthen patient experience.”